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4.9 stars | 54 reviews
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Our Top-Quality Personal Insurance Policies


Secure the things that matter the most to you with an adjustable home insurance plan. Homeowners insurance safeguards you from any financial hardship when it comes to mending or reconstructing your home or replacing your possessions after commonplace occurrences like a blaze, lightning, tornado, or burglary.

It may even assist in paying the costs of a legal case brought up against you in the instance of your pet hurting a guest or your tree smashing your neighbor's car. A conventional homeowners insurance plan offers coverage for harm done to your residence and possessions caused by the different perils specified in the policy.

Our Homeowners Insurance Coverages:

  • Aircraft, Car, or Other Vehicle
  • Explosions
  • Falling Objects
  • Fire and Smoke
  • Lightning Strikes
  • Theft
  • Vandalism and Mischief
  • Some Types of Water Damage
  • Weight of Ice, Snow, and Sleet
  • Windstorms and Hail


Our team at JP Hayes Insurance Agency understands the importance of having reliable and comprehensive auto insurance coverage. Car accidents happen unexpectedly and can lead to costly repairs and medical bills. That's why we offer a variety of coverage options that suit your unique needs and budget. From liability insurance to collision coverage, our policies can protect you from financial burdens caused by accidents or damage to your vehicle.

Additionally, we offer options such as uninsured motorist coverage, which can provide additional protection if you're involved in an accident with a driver who is not insured. Trust us to help you find the right coverage for your peace of mind on the road. Visit us today to get started.


No matter what you are grateful for in your life, be it your beloved partner or your children's impressive talents, you aspire to provide the best for your family. Though it's hard to think about, an unexpected event could occur. To give your loved ones a cushion of financial protection, JP Hayes Insurance Agency in Carlsbad, CA, can provide affordable life insurance plans.

These policies are customizable and more budget-friendly than you may think. Our agents can show you a selection of coverage that can be tailored to your goals and spending limits. With our assistance, you can ensure your family is looked after even if you can no longer be with them.

Our Life Insurance Policies:

  • Term - Provides a death benefit upon passing of the insured
  • Whole Life - Provides a death benefit and cash value
  • Universal Life - Allows for flexibility in adjusting premiums or coverage


It’s our pleasure at JP Hayes Insurance Agency to offer a wide range of health insurance plans to meet the needs of individuals and families. Our health plans provide coverage for doctor visits, hospitalization, prescriptions, and more. We represent top regional and national carriers to find the right plan for you, whether you need an affordable catastrophic policy or a low-deductible PPO. We will help you navigate the complex world of health insurance to find comprehensive coverage you can count on.


We understand how important your boat is for recreation and relaxation. Our boat insurance provides agreed-value coverage for physical damage to your boat, motor, trailer, and boating equipment. We also include broad liability protection in case you are found legally responsible for bodily injury or property damage on the water. Additional coverages like haul-out and medical payments are available. We also offer discounts for approved safety courses and multi-policy bundling.


Another of our specialty insurance lines is for customized motorcycle insurance to protect bike owners on and off the open road. Our policies include liability coverage if you cause damage or injury to others as well as comprehensive and collision coverage for damage to your own bike. We offer OEM parts replacement, accessory coverage, trip interruption protection, and more. As experienced motorcycle insurance agents, we are here to meet the unique needs of bike enthusiasts.

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